Hello & Welcome to the Sign In America Study Course – Part1

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Thank you for your interest in the Sign-In America and for participating in Part1 of the Sign-In America Study Course. There will be other follow on courses that will address different topics coming soon.

The purpose of this course is to provide background understanding relating to the fact that our identity as Americans has been stolen. Understanding that our identity has been stolen goes even deeper as we realize that during the civil war area, the original American Republic has been set aside and effectively replaced with a corporate (for profit) structure. It is clear that we must reconstruct our Lawful Government in order to bring the correct oversight of our employees back into balance, to bring American Common Law and our courts back into session, and reconstruct our Peacekeeping functions of State Militia, Land and Soil Jurisdiction County Sheriffs, and the Continental Marshals, so that we may address any trespass that occurs within our jurisdiction.

Familiarization with the contents of this training course will provide a “road map” that will enable Americans to more confidently live after they correct their political status, gain understand of self-governance and most importantly, come to value personal responsibility in the pursuit of lawful self-governance. It is your duty to Uphold the Public Law and Keep the Peace.